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The Weightless Traveller  

15:50 min   |   Canada   |  2010

Writer / Director : Eva Colmers

Without any possessions to tie her down, young vagabond Bo is light enough to take off - to the big city, the desert and the jungle. With street-smarts and a touch of her magic, she overcomes any obstacles.

Exciting visual storytelling combined with awesome shadow imagery and music make The Weightless Traveller a delight to watch!

Cast & Crew

director of photography / editor - aAron Munson
set / prop / art directions - Marissa Kochanski /

                                  Eileen Sproule / Eva Colmers
costumes - Inger Lorsignol
music - Dave Clarke

traveller Bo - Anne-Marie Felicitas
officer - Glenn Nelson
car washer - Ken Berry
market vendor - Michael Kennard
banana woman - Inger Lorsignol
young boy - George McLauchlin


Rochester Int. Film Festival, NY, USA (Certificate of Merit)

Dawson City International Film Festival, Yukon, Canada

Yorkton Film Festival, Canada (nominee Golden Sheaf Award)

Buddhist International Film Festival, Colombo, Sri Lanka (winner Best Animation)

Women's Freedom Centre in Brattleboro, VT, USA

Film & Video Arts Festival, Edmonton, Canada

Park City Film Music Festival, Park City, USA (Golden Award for Music in Experimental Short Film)

Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands

Shanghai International Film Festival, China (Finalist Best Creative Animation)

BUSTER Int. Film Festival for Children + Youth, Copenhagen, Denmark

CineKid Festival & Professional Market, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lady Filmmaker Festival, Beverly Hills, USA

SENE International Film, Music & Arts Festival, Providence, RI, USA

TUFF- Toronto Urban Film Festival on the transit, Toronto, Canada

Prairie Tales - part of a tour to film coops, schools and galleries across Canada

LA Femme International Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

Int. Shadow Challenge, Guelph, Canada (Best Shadow Award)

Lago International Film Festival, Lago, Italy

Louisville’s International Festival of Film, USA

UFO 0110 International Digital Film Festival, New Delhi, India

Los Angeles Women International Fil Festival, Los Angeles, USA

Dawson City International Film Festival, Yukon, Canada

Reel Canadian Film Festival in Fernie, BC, Canada

Calgary International Film Festival, Canada (Best of Alberta nomination)

Edmonton International Film Festival, Canada

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