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4:30 min   |   Canada  |  2013 | 16mm

Producer - Director : Eva Colmers

A man enters his old-fashion editing suite carrying a dusty film can beneath his arm. As he works on the footage of autumn changes, memories of his own childhood flash back. Pictures of the past collide with his present and meld into a new timeless fabric of imagery.

The unique music of manipulated real sounds adds to the dreamy, wistful quality of this painterly story.

AUTUMN 1min trailer
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Cast & Crew

young boy - Adam Mandel

old editor - John Osborn

DOP - aAron munson

co-editors - aAron munson, Eva Colmers

original music - Mark Templeton

commissioned by the CSIF Calgary


International Family Film Festival, Hollywood, USA

Canadian film coop tour to AFCOOP Halifax, LIFT Toronto, IFCO Ottawa, CASA Lethbridge, FAVA Edmonton, CSIF Calgary, Cineworks Vancouver and more

Annual Film Event for the Edmonton Film Collective

20min/max International Short Film Festival, Ingolstadt, Germany

FAVA Gala Celebration - Award of Excellence

US tour to 60 museums, media centers and universities incl. Rhode Island School of Design, RI; University of Boulder, CO; Savannah College of Art&Design, GA; Des Moines Art Centre, IA; University of Gloucestershire, UK and more

Black Maria Video & Film Festival, Jersey City, USA - Jury Choice Award

$100. Film Festival, Calgary

ArtSpirit Festival, Edmonton

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