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End of the Rope  

8:07min |  Canada |  2007 |  35mm

writer/ director/ producer - Eva Colmers

In a faraway space, two people reach the end of their rope.

Their hostile interaction plays out across the dark sky as they climb and fall in their struggle for survival. Will fighting to the bitter end ultimately bring peace?

End of the Rope is an allegorical tale of human interaction that speaks without words to anybody. The breath-taking aerial action, stunning cinematography and compelling soundscape make this short film unique and memorable.

End of the Rope - trailer
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Cast & Crew

performers - John Ullyatt and Annie Dugan
director of photography - Dave Luxton
art director/ costumes - Marissa Kochanski
editor - Adam Kidd
original score - Dave Clarke
sound edit - John Blerot – Wolf Willow Sound
colour and formatting - Joe Owens – Presto!Digital


Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, Pakistan
Night Works in the Park, Edmonton
Schlingel - Int. Film Festival for Youth, Chemnitz, Germany
Moon Dance International Film Festival, Boulder USA
Yorkton Short Film Festival (Golden Sheaf Award)
Storefront Cinema, Edmonton
Calgary International Film Festival (nominee for Alberta Centennial Award)
Metro Cinema: 25th anniversary screening of Film and Video Arts Alberta
Peace River Film Festival, Canada
KIDS FIRST International Film Festival (official selection for US tour)
Edmonton International Film Festival and more
2 AMPIA nominations

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