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     Nothing stays the same...

31 min  |   Canada  |  2022
Writer/Director - Eva Colmers
Producers - Eva Colmers, Quinn Lumsden,                                 and Bonnie Thompson

A thought-provoking journey of change and identity.


Quinn knew for a while that something just did not fit … and struggled.


Beautifully shot against the backdrop of nature and enriched by drawings and videos of young Quinn, the documentary offers a unique window into the ups and downs of a non-gender conforming young person. Over a four-year period, Quinn’s transition takes them to identify as non-binary, fall in love, marry and have a child.

Deeply personal, yet surprisingly universal, the documentary is invigorated by the powerful music of celebrated non-binary musician Rae Spoon.

"Nothing stays the same," says Quinn, as they strive to find a place in a society that is fixed on labels.

produced with the support of TELUS with Executive Producers Christina Willings, Leah Camenzind and Kelly Fox
Cast & Crew

writer/director - Eva Colmers
producers - Eva Colmers, Quinn Lumsden, Bonnie Thompson
cinematographers - aAron munson, Simon Schneider
editor - Sarah Taylor

sound mix - Jesse Luce
original music - Rae Spoon


New Delhi Film Festival, (Best Documentary under 30min) India

Women in Film & Art Festival, New York, USA

Venezia Shorts, Venice, Italy

Thomas Edison Film Festival, NJ, USA (Honorable Mention)

Toronto International Women Film Festival (winner Best Composer Award), Canada

Calgary International Film Festival, Canada

Oaxaca International Film Festival, Mexico

DUMBO Film Festival Brooklyn, NY USA

CAFF – Central Alberta Film Festival, Canada

Mosaic World Film Festival, Illinois, USA (Best Documentary Short Film Award)

AMPIA - Alberta Media Production Industries Association (5 Rosie nominations)

Robinson Film Award, Italy – (Best Documentary Short Film Award) 

San Francisco International Documentary Festival, USA

Yorkton Film Festival, SK, Canada

FAVA Fest Gala, AB, Canada

Northwest Fest International Documentary Festival, Canada

San Francisco International Documentary Festival

Yorkton Film Festival, SK, Canada

FAVA Fest Gala, AB, Canada

NorthwestFest International Documentary Festival, Canada

+ numerous community screenings:

we love to bring our doc to various communities and have had powerful, free screenings + Q&As with doc subjects and producers in attendance at places such as Eastglen High-School in Edmonton, The Alex Community Health Centre in Calgary and other places.

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