Nothing stays the same...

31 min  |   Canada  |  2022
Writer/Director - Eva Colmers
Producers - Eva Colmers and Bonnie Thompson

A thought-provoking journey about change and identity.


Director Eva Colmers has known Quinn ever since they were a little girl and they share a passion for art. When Quinn decided to transition, they talked with Eva and allowed her to follow their journey on film.


Beautifully shot against the backdrop of nature and enriched by drawings and videos of young Quinn, the documentary offers a window into the ups and down in Quinn’s life, over 4 seasons and 4 years.


This deeply personal, yet surprisingly universal story of change is invigorated by the powerful music of celebrated Canadian, non-binary musician Rae Spoon.

produced with the support of TELUS with Executive Producers Christina Willings and Leah Camenzind
Cast & Crew

writer/director - Eva Colmers
producers - Eva Colmers & Bonnie Thompson
cinematographers - aAron munson, Simon Schneider
editor - Sarah Taylor

sound mix - Jesse Luce
original music - Rae Spoon