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     Nothing stays the same...

31 min  |   Canada  |  2022
Writer/Director - Eva Colmers
Producers - Eva Colmers, Quinn Lumsden,                                 and Bonnie Thompson

A thought-provoking journey of change and identity.


Quinn knew for a while that something just did not fit … and struggled.


Beautifully shot against the backdrop of nature and enriched by drawings and videos of young Quinn, the documentary offers a unique window into the ups and downs of a non-gender conforming young person.. Over a four-year period, Quinn’s transition takes them to identify as non-binary, fall in love, marry and have a child.

Deeply personal, yet surprisingly universal, the documentary is invigorated by the powerful music of celebrated non-binary musician Rae Spoon.

"Nothing stays the same," says Quinn, as they strive to find a place in a society that is fixed on labels.

produced with the support of TELUS with Executive Producers Christina Willings and Leah Camenzind
Cast & Crew

writer/director - Eva Colmers
producers - Eva Colmers, Quinn Lumsden, Bonnie Thompson
cinematographers - aAron munson, Simon Schneider
editor - Sarah Taylor

sound mix - Jesse Luce
original music - Rae Spoon


San Francisco International Documentary Festival

Yorkton Film Festival, SK, Canada

FAVA Fest Gala, AB, Canada

NorthwestFest International Documentary Festival, Canada

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