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Not a One-Way Street 

15:22 min  |  Canada   |  2017

Writer/Director/Producer - Eva Colmers

Writer/Director - Heidi Janz 

Not a One-Way Street offers viewers a look at the caring that happens within three very
diverse relationships and challenges the dominant assumption that caregiving is strictly a one-sided transaction, where an able-bodied caregiver provides care to a disabled care-recipient.
Watching this short-film, you may just feel encouraged to re-examine your own
preconceptions about caregiving.

Cast & Crew


Wesley Miron – Director of Photography
Phillip Dransfeld – sound recording
Brenda Terning - editing
Bill Richards – original composition
John Blerot – sound mix


Picture This Film Festival, Calgary, Canada
Courage Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
FAVA Gala, Edmonton (nominee Award of Excellence)
Victoria Film Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada
Metamora Film Festival, Oregon, USA
Canada Shorts Film Festival, Saint John, NB, Canada (Award of Distinction)
Black Maria Film Festival, Jersey City, USA (Global Insights Award)

for Bell Media - BravoFACTUAL television

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