Eva Colmers - Director, Producer,
Head of No Problem Productions Ltd

Eva is the founder of No Problem Productions and has written, directed and/or produced a wide variety of award-winning films in the dramatic, experimental and documentary genre including Happy Birthday, Mango!, 2.57k, Granny Baby and The Weightless Traveller. She has also written and directed three NFB documentaries: We Regret to Inform You…, The Elder Project and The Enemy Within.

Eva is a proud alumni of WIDC and a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada. Most recently, she has directed two shortfilms for Bell Media (The Suburbanight and Not a One-Way Street) as well as one episode for the APTN tv series Caution: May Contain Nuts. Films by No Problem Productions have been invited to over 100 different festivals around the globe as well as on television. Eva and her team members have received many major awards such as AMPIA’s Rosie Award for Best Director, the prestigious EDA Award for Best Social Journalism (DOXA Festival Vancouver), Best Short Film Award (Golden Sheaf Award), Best Experimental Film Award (NYC Independent Film Festival) to name just a few. Eva is known for her collaborative and creative approach and enjoys mentoring emerging filmmakers.

Director’s Reel Eva Colmers    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4ujWOMXthA