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Strong, Beautiful, Aboriginal 

0:30min / 16mm-beta Sp / Canada / 2004

writer/producer - Eva Colmers

director - Lindsay McIntyre

Women in Film + Television Alberta (WIFTA) and The National Status of Women, Canada partnered for an initiative to attract more women into public media service. Based on the strength of their proposal, Eva and Lindsay were selected for an intensive PSA workshop series which culminated in the creation of a PSA for the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women to celebrate the positive power of Aboriginal women. paragraph. 

Cast & Crew

Hon. Ethel Blondin-Andrew, Elder Marge Friedel, Dr. Phyllis Cardinal, Muriel Stanley-Venne, Jane Ash Poitras, Leona Beaulieu, Dorothy Chartrand, Laura Vinson, Cst. Melvina Moore, Peggy Nepoose, Helen Calahasen; Julie LaFlamme, Cheyanne Cardinal, Kelsey Anne Wolver, Felicia Chaliture, Theresa Cardinal
Jingle dancer - Reyna Wolf Wind White Thunder
cinematography - Ric Gustavsen
photography- Debbie Boccabella
sound recording - Adam Kidd
editor - Derek Sharplin
composer - Kris Schindel
sound mix - John Blerot – Wolf Willow Sound

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