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Happy Birthday, Mango! 

13:11 min   |   Canada  |  2017

Producer : Eva Colmers

Director : Eva Colmers

Writer: Eva Colmers

How to connect when you are worlds apart?

Young care worker Almara tries hard to reach her son far away in the Philippines but everything goes wrong.  The busy Mettler family in Edmonton doesn’t seem to care and neither old Harold nor teen Alex seem to even notice. But closeness cannot be measured in miles. With some ingenuity, determined Almara may just find a way to connect with her birthday boy back home.

Beautifully shot Happy Birthday, Mango! makes a touching comment on the struggles to connect with others in a complex, busy world.

Cast & Crew

Almara -  Nathania Bernabe

Harold - Horst Fleischhauer

Alex - Taylor Hatala

Pepe - Alaister D. Sison

Lola - Renda Daldalera

Mrs. Mettler - Samantha Grant

Dr. Mettler - Dean Lonsdale

writer / director / co-producer  -  Eva Colmers

co-producer / 1. AD  -  Eric Spoeth

director of photography  -  Wes Miron

editor - Ryan Westley

sound score  -  Jon Kawchuk


Jaipur International Film Festival, India

Black Maria Film Festival, USA

Salida Film Festival, CO, USA

Edmonton Short Film Festival,Canada

Breckenridge Film Festival, CO, USA

South Coast Jazz Festival, Port Dover, Canada

Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

Cinema Grand Prix, Indonesia
Future Femme Fest, Leeds United Kingdom
Women Make Wave Film Festival, Taiwan
K-Days Edmonton, Canada
Metamore FilmFestival, Park City, USA      
Jaipur International Film Festival, India (Official Selection)
Canada Short Film Festival, St. John, NB, Canada (Award of Distinction)
Culver City Film Festival, CA, USA

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