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Best Composer for Rae Spoon at the Toronto Women Film Festival 2023: What an honour to work with the amazing musician Rae Spoon. Their music score elevated our QUINN documentary and we’re so proud they received the Best Composer Award from the Toronto Women Film Festival.

amazing musician Rae Spoon won Best  .jpeg
amazing musician Rae Spoon won Best Composer awawrd for their awesome music for QUINN doc

November 2022

Challenging but super creative and fun shoot of Swallow, Dear Swallow – a hybrid of live animation and music video with lush, visual story telling.  An honour to work with talented musician/performer Wendy McNeill and our small but dynamite creative team.


September 2022

ROSIE awards by AMPIA Alberta Media Production  Industries Association.

Grateful and super excited about our multiple AMPIA nominations for documentary QUINN and our animated kids shortfilm DILLY DIGGER.


September  2022

Dilly Digger screening in Edmonton International Film Festival

Successful screening of Dilly Digger at the Edmonton International Film Festival where we

July 2022

Director/producer Eva Colmers is at the Kidscreen Conference in Miami to make new industry connections and to test the waters for the  Dilly Digger series concept and our completely unique, hand-made shadow puppet animation technique.

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 3.15.39 PM.png

March, 23 2022

Thanks to everyone who responded to our “poster selection call” via facebook, twitter and instagram. We have now our official poster for the Quinn documentary:


March 17, 2022

Great news! Happy to share that our beautiful, fun animation shortfilm, Dilly Digger and the Mushroom Adventure will have its premiere at the Atlanta Children’s Film Festival, taking place July 7 - 24, 2022. Exact day and time will be determined. 


Our small test audience loved Dilly but we are eagerly waiting to find out how the big audience in Atlanta will respond to our story and animation style.


November 2021

This is Jesse Luce, our hugely creative and skilled sound mix and audio engineer at Studio Post. He is doing double-duty working on sound and audio for both NPP’s documentary QUINN as well as the animated kids shortfilm DILLY DIGGER - hopefully all before the year is ending.  

pictured at the sound studio: Eva Colmers (director/producer), Jesse Luce (sound engineer), Kelly Turner (Narrator voice), Althea Cunningham (voice of giraffe Safiya)


September 23, 2021

Super excited that the amazingly talented musician/composer Rae Spoon had agreed to do the music for our documentary QUINN. But not only that, Rae now agreed to a brief meeting and interview with NPP’s director/producer Eva Colmers at her new place on Vancouver Island. Rae is the first to watch the whole QUINN documentary and … Rae loved it and was impressed what wide time frame in Quinn’s life we have covered.


April/ May 2021

Yeah!!! - And that is ACTION in our animation studio as we are shooting Dilly Digger and the Mushroom Adventure using our  much researched and improved, brand-new and unique shadow puppet animation style  combining traditional shadow puppetry with more current animation elements.


January 2021

We’re starting the new year by renovating and building a new set-up for our upcoming animation projects. Even the Covid masks can’t hide our big happy smiles.

(pictured are Larry Kelly, Zsofia Opra-Szabo and Eva Colmer. Photo by Jim Belodeau) 

June 4, 2020

Just heard the exciting news that our producer Eva Colmers got selected to be part of the new BANFF Spark Accelerator program at the Banff World Media Festival - this year virtually and next year in person (fingers crossed). As No Problem Productions is growing and increasing its slate of projects, this is an amazing and much appreciated opportunity to learn more about the business part of telling engaging, cinematic stories.


Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 10.21.32

Thank you to the selection committee and the support and vision of the Banff World Media Festival, Super Channel, and the Government of Canada's Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES).

March 5, 2020

The NSI TotallyTelevision bootcamp in Toronto is totally awesome. And intense! Writer Gordie Lucius and producer Eva Colmers learn so much from one-to-one meetings, workshops and panels and we truly believe this will help move our sparkling LUPITA series proposal forward. We cant’ wait to share our new insights with the rest of our writing team back home - Joleen Ballendine and Joey Lucius who could not come with us.


Here are the selected 4 NSI teams with their assigned creative mentors. Huge thanks to the National Screen Institute - Canada (NSI) and Bell Media and the organizers Liz Janzen, Julie Die Cresce, Chris Vajcner and Joy Loewen, the brand-new, wonderful NSI Executive Director. 

Group photo Tuesday.jpeg
February 14, 2020

Our dark and lovely short THE SUBURBANIGHT will be screened on Sunday, March 22 at the Femmes Underground International Film Festival in Los Angeles, California!
LA friends, go check out the line up of this festival and let us know what you think about our award-winning The Suburbanight - written/co-produced by Susie Moloney and directed/ co-produced by No Problem Productions’s Eva Colmers.

The Suburbanight was funded by the Bell Fund’s BravoFact program with contributions of many actors and crew members from our Edmonton film community.

January 7, 2020

The new year starts with a trip of director/producer Eva Colmers of No Problem Productions to Ottawa meeting GAPC Entertainment with whom we’ll enter a co-production developing an exciting new animated kids series.


No Problem Logo_white.jpg
December 19, 2019

We’re over the moon that the National Screen Institute accepted our series proposal LUPITA as one of 4 projects  to the prestigious NSI Totally Television program.

Gordie Lucius (key writer) and Eva Colmers (producer) will experience mentoring

and the famous 1-week-bootcamp in Toronto, early next spring.


September 9, 2019

LUPITA, the team is still smiling:

story editor Ian Barr, writers Gordie Lucius, Joleen Ballendine and Joey Lucius, producer Eva Colmers

IMG_1370 3.jpeg

Writers’ Room

with Joleen Ballendine, Gordie Lucius and Joey Lucius

April 27, 2019
We are over the moon that the Rosie Award for Best Short film was presented to Eva Colmers (producer/director) and Susie Moloney (producer/writer) during the AMPIA Gala on April 29th. We share this award with our entire cast and crew who put so much creativity, passion and hard work into the making of The Suburbanight.

Best Dramatic Short - Rosie Award - 2019

Best Dramatic Short Production

The Suburbanight

Eva Colmers & Susie Moloney, Producers


Best Screenwriter (Drama Under 30 Minutes)

Susie Moloney


Best Cinematographer (Drama Under 30 Minutes)

David Baron


Best Editor (Drama Under 30 Minutes)

Sarah Taylor


Best Overall Sound (Drama Under 30 Minutes)

Philip Dransfeld & Johnny Blerot


Best Original Musical Score (Drama Under 30 Minutes)

Bill Richards

March 21, 2019

Thrilled to find out that AMPIA nominated our The Suburbanight for 6 Rosie awards. Thank you awesome cast and team and see you at AMPIA Gala Event on Aprill 27th - fingers crossed:

February 15, 2019

Exciting news for our latest shortfilm THE SUBURBANIGHT which will screen at the LA Short Scares Film Festival. Thanks cast, crew, Bell Media (BravoFACT) and everyone who helped make this dynamite short come alive.

The Suburbanight - No Problem Production
February 5, 2019

Animated short Sophia wins Edmonton Film Prize

So proud of animator/director Zsofia Opra Szabo who won the Edmonton Film Prize for her animated shortfilm SOPHIA produced by Eva Colmers.

No Problem Productions is thrilled to work on more media projects with this creative, hardworking artist, designer and animator.

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