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The Elder Project 

2h    |   Canada   |  2010

Writer / Director : Eva Colmers

Produced by the National Film Board

The Elder Project: An engaging collection of stories from our diverse community of frail elders.

By following seven diverse elders over a period of two years, director Eva Colmers and the National Film Board have recorded their experiences of transitioning into a more dependant state.  And, while each elder has different medical, social-economic or cultural circumstances, all share the desire to grow older with dignity and a sense of control over their future. The elders share their views on issues that affect them: the loss of a license, the decision to move in with family members, the growing sense of isolation and more. Through a DVD collection of short episodic stories, we hear about their needs and desires in a personal, experiential and very revealing way. 

The Elder Project - NFB trailer
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The Elder Project is available through the NFB website at and can be purchased for $19.95 at Home Video DVD.

For a companion guide to this film, visit
For inquiries contact the NFB’s Customer Service Line at 1-800-267-7710

Cast & Crew


NFB Producer - Bonnie Thompson
NFB Executive Producer - David Christensen
Directors of Photography - Trevor Wilson, Daron Donahue, Sergio Olivares
Sound Recordist - Larry MacDonald, Gerry Clarke, Stan Jackson, Rosie Dransfeld
Editor - Brenda Terning
Sound Editor - John Blerot, Wolf Willow Sound
Online Editor/Colourist - Joe Owens, Presto!Digital
NFB Marketing Manager - Kelly Fox

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