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Swallow, Dear Swallow

9:25 min | Canada  |  2023

 Director: Eva Colmers

 Producers: Eva Colmers, Wendy McNeill

Wistful accordion music and stunning shadow imagery swirl together in this visually and acoustically lush short film about two dreamers that unite in a quest to help others.

Based on Oscar Wilde’s short story The Happy Prince, the images in Swallow, Dear Swallow are all handmade and are a love letter to creative analog cinematography. 

With a simple, transforming set, elements of live puppetry and minimal edits, the viewer is transported to different places following the brave little swallow - evoking the magic of a live performance.

With the generous support of the Edmonton Arts Council   


original music/ performer/ co-producer - Wendy McNeill

original concept/ director / producer - Eva Colmers

cinematographer - David Baron

art design - Zsofia Opra-Szabo

editor - Krystal Moss

gaffer/gimbal - Andrew Koller

1. camera assist - Emily Kiara

media/camera assistant - Leah Harman

production assistant - Melinda Endre-Petak

BTS photographer - Harshdeep Singh

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