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The Good Life 

9 min |  16mm  |  Canada  |  2000

Writer/Director - Eva Colmers

Producer: Eva Colmers, Helen Folkmann

A busy woman in search of the good life misses the boat.
The short story, Anekdote zur Senking der Arbeitmoral (1963) by Nobelprize author Heinrich Boell’s was the inspiration for Ms. Colmers’ latest short film about our attitude towards work and leisure. What good is it to work like crazy now in hope of a more leisurely "good life" later, when that "later" may never come?

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 12.52.57
Cast & Crew

- Sharla Matkin
- Robert Corness
cinematograpy - Ric Gustavsen
sound recording - Shreela Chakrabartty
foley - Justin Henkelman
editor - Derek Sharplin
original music - Dave Clarke
transfer - Studio Post
sound mix - John Blerot: Wolf Willow Sounds
stills - Helen Folkmann, Eva Colmers


Alberta Scene albertaine 2005 – Celebration of Alberta Arts at National Arts Centre in Ottawa
Victoria International Film Festival in Victoria
Regensburger Internationale Kurzfilm Woche in Regensburg, Germany
CISF $100. Independent Film Festival in Calgary
Festival der Nationen in Ebensee, Austria (Silber Bär Award)
World Wide International Shortfilm Festival in Toronto
Prairie Tales tour – selected for film tour throughout the Prairie provinces, Canada
Metro Cinema movie theatre in Edmonton
Local Heroes International Film Festival in Edmonton
Glenbow Museum, Calgary
wtn broadcasting
2 AMPIA nominations

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