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ki  木  

60 min   |   Canada  |  2008

live dance-imagery-projection

"Ki" (pron. key) translates to "tree" in Japanese which also connotes "life" and "energy from the ground up."

This exciting, original multi-disciplinary performance piece draws its source of inspiration from the imagery of trees. Through an extended creative process and a prestigious, valuable residency at the Banff Centre, the multi-disciplinary group of artists created a series of powerful interwoven movement stories – told with playful, stunning interplay of body, movement, projections, lighting and music.

ki brings together the unique skills of artists in dance, shadow theatre/video, music and lighting to create a resonating statement about our disconnect with nature and the nurturing power of trees as the source of life.

Ki  木 - excerpt from dance piece
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Cast & Crew

Choreography - Gerry Morita
Visual / Shadows / Projection - Eva Colmers
Dancers - Gerry Morita, Theresa Dextrase, Eryn Tempest
Music - Mark Templeton
Lighting Design - Lee Arnholt
Set Design - Guido Tondino and Victoria Zimski
Videorecording - David Jeffrey Buchanan

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