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Dilly Digger and the Mushroom Adventure

9:50min  |   Canada  |  2022
Director/Producer - Eva Colmers
Writers - Marty Chan and Eva Colmers

Dilly is a curious, super active little mole who lives with his Mom and Grandpa Mole at the edge of the forest. He loves to help others, but mostly, Dilly just loves to dig. Day in. Day out. Digging is what he does.


When Grandpa asks him to find some mushrooms for a special soup, he digs and digs ... all the way through the belly of our big round earth and out the other side, where he meets Safiya, a young giraffe. The two of them have lots of fun together and – after looking far and wide - Dilly may just have found some exceptionally delicious mushrooms for his family dinner.

Presented in an innovative, hand-cut shadow puppet animation style, we hope DILLY DIGGER will encourage kids to create their very own simple shadow puppet and mini story.

Made possible with the generous support of:

Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Edmonton Arts Council
WIFTA - Women in Film and Television Alberta
Cast & Crew

director/producer/creative concept - Eva Colmers
writers - Marty Chan and Eva Colmers
art design - Zsofia Opra-Szabo
original music - Everett LaRoi

Narrator - Kelly Turner
Dilly Digger &Grandpa Mole - Murray Farnell
Safiya, Dad & Sibling Giraffe - Althea Cunningham
Mama Mole, Butterfly - Kate Ryan

Puppets/Background  - Zsofia Opra-Szabo & Eva Colmers
Technical designer - Larry Kelly
Electronic prototype designer - Robert Baron
Director of Photography - David Baron
Camera Operator - Nauzanin A. Knight

Editor - Zsofia Opra-Szabo
Post-production sound - Jesse Luce
On-set voice actor - Kate Ryan
On-set video &photography - Wes Doyle


Nenagh Children's Film Festival, Ireland

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, London (Best 2D Animation - runner up top nominee)

New Delhi Film Festival, (Winner Best Animated Short) India

Providence Children’s Film Festival, USA
International Festival of Winter Cinema, Edmonton, Canada
Boston International Kids Festival, USA
CLIMAX Critics Awards, Madrid, Spain
Edmonton Short Film Festival, Canada
Rabat International Children’s and Family Film Festival, Morocco
Edmonton International Film Festival (Best Alberta Animation) Canada
AMPIA Rosie Nomination for Best Children’s Program, Canada
Aryan International Children’s Film Festival, Jaipur (Special Jury Mention) India
Oaxaca Film Festival, Mexico
Atlanta International Children’s Film Festival (Special Jury Award), USA

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