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6 min   |   Canada  |  2008

Producer  Director : Eva Colmers

In the dark, a Woman is drawn to the light.
Like a beating heart, the light supplies the energy of her life but it signals danger, too. Stunning imagery weaves together with a unique music score.

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Cast & Crew

choreographer - Tania Alvarado
concept - Eva Colmers
dancer - Tania Alvarado
DOP - aAron Munson
Lighting Design - David Fraser
1st Camera Assistant - Scott Portingale
Sound Design - Mark Templeton
Editor - aAron Munson


Calgary International Film Festival (nomination Best of Alberta)
Edmonton International Film Festival
Prairie Tales 2009 – official selection for W-Canada tour by Metro Cinema
Yorkton Short Film Festival (nomination)
Peace River Film Festival
Storefront Cinema, Dance on Screen Festival
Central Alberta Film Festival, Red Deer

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